Peter Blincow’s services cover three core areas:

Project Management

We use our experience to listen to the client and understand their needs. We look at the scope of the project, give sound advice, and make sure the service we provide fits their aims and objectives.

Peter Blincow is expert at working sensitively to repair and refurbish listed buildings and within Conservation Areas. From new-build to retail fit-out, design, manufacture and installation of temporary buildings and the roll-out of restaurant chains, we approach all projects with intelligence and respect.

Dispute Resolution

As daily practitioners of Project Management and Quantity Surveying, we are well-placed and able to apply our deep knowledge to any dispute, however complex it may be. We use our expertise to predict future scenarios, analyse the pros and cons of each, and present the client with the best solution to resolve the problem.

Our experience of dispute resolution extends beyond the construction industry, and includes rolling stock and manufacturing.

Expert witness
We are often called to act as expert witness. Clients value our vast understanding of the industry, which makes our testimony reliable, credible and grounded in the day-to-day realities of construction work.

Cost Management

Peter Blincow's Cost Management service includes feasibility studies, risk evaluation, strategic overview, cost planning, project monitoring, procurement advice, post-contract service and tendering documentation.