Location: South East England
Service Type: Project & Cost Management
Value of Project: £0.75-2.25m

The Project

  • Roll-out of five restaurants for a major chain within a 12 calendar month period of the potential sites being identified.

The Challenge

Each restaurants varied in size and in diverse locations in the Midlands and South East

  • In each case the Client identified a prospective location and required a feasibility study to be undertaken covering the design and financial viability, together with programme implications
  • Having given due consideration to the feasibility report the Client either gave the go ahead for the Agreement to Lease to be signed and the design to commence or alternatively in a number of instances the search for another location and the process commenced again
  • Although similar in branding each of the Restaurants was different in design and size with each having a range of challenges - maximisation of covers, adequate provision of services, location of plant, delivery and servicing of the unit and in each case the negotiation of a variety of Landlord issues in a short period of time.

The Delivery

  • The five restaurants were all successfully delivered on time and within the respective budgets.
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